My bathroom is too small.....

You can’t always create more space – even when you HAVE TO HAVE that freestanding bath (and the double vanity and the walk in shower…..!).

Luckily there are always ways to save space but often you have to compromise on something.

Buying a small bathtub is a great solution if you need a bath. Many bathrooms we are doing are eliminating baths – even if it means not having a bath in house. (SIDE NOTE: We didn’t have a bath in a home with 3 small boys and never gave it a second thought….the kids bathed in the sink as babies and showered with us as they got bigger, and on their own as the got even bigger. THEN the house sold at the first open home so it clearly didn’t put off any buyers.)

Large floor tiles, as well as light tile and paint on the walls give the feeling of space, whereas dark tones will make it feel more crowded.
A shower over the bath is a good way to compromise if space is an issue and you need to fit both in.

In wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall – thus buying yourself back floor space the dept of the toilet cistern space back into the bathroom floorplan.

Recessed mirror cabinets are great for space saving solutions – once again, using the wall cavity into the design of your bathroom.

A simple basin can then be used instead of a big vanity with its storage, as you have the storage in the mirror cabinet….thus saving more floor space!

What tile is for me?

Penny round, fish scale, subway, large format, geometric, colours, patterns - the options are limitless.

There is such a huge variety of tiles types and styles around at the moment - more than even 12 months ago I dare say. Choosing tiles is overwhelming - even for me who does it weekly, so I see why renovation rookies can walk out of tile shops in tears and spend sleepless nights stressing over their choices.

Smaller sized feature tiles like penny rounds, subways, geometric shapes and patterned tiles are very popular right now.
On the flip side large format Cement look and Terrazzo tiles are incredibly in demand looks also.
Whatever your style, whatever the look you are trying to achieve, there is a tile for you.

1 thing to keep in mind though is, the smaller the tile the more grout. Grout is what makes cleaning your bathroom hard work. Bigger tiles = less grout. This is particularly relevant in the shower area. Try to stay away from small tiles in your shower recess for an easy to clean bathroom.

After choosing your tiles you then have to decide which way to lay them; vertical, horizontal, brick pattern, herringbone, mix colours, have the same walls as floor or a feature wall. The options are limitless. I suggest looking at lots of pics and seeing what ones you are constantly drawn to....they are the tiles you NEED to choose!

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How big is too big?

In general, bathrooms are getting larger.

In many renovations, homeowners are tearing down walls, eliminating small bedrooms, and creating giant bathrooms.

Combining bathrooms with dressing areas and walk in robes.

Add to that, freestanding bath, double showers, double vanities, built in seats in showers, heat lamps, underfloor heating and the bathroom is become so much more than an essential place to get clean, and more of a retreat from the busy busy world.

Towel rails

In place of a simple towel rail, consider a heated towel rail that will have your towels nice and warm and dry each time you go to use them.

We always put heated towel rails on a timers or else you will never use them…..(because life gets in the way and you forget to turn it on ½ hour before you are planning to have a shower right!)

Towel ladders can be used to fill up a large empty wall and allow many towels to be hung at once.

Vertical towel rails (heated or not) are also very on trend right now. The towel don’t have to be folded perfectly to look neat on these – perfect for those with smaller kids.

Robe hooks are also a cheaper way to hang towels and give your bathroom a relaxed look.

Don’t forget a hand towel rail. You will want this as close to the basin as you can get it so that water doesn’t drip all over the floor from wet hands on the way to the hand towel rail


Accessories when selected especially for a bathroom can help to take away the cold, hard look often found in bathrooms.

You might want to select complementary window coverings or shutters, artwork, or flowers to add warmth to your space.

Stools or plants are great for creating interest and breaking the cold hard tiles up.

Accessories are also an easy (and cheap) way to change the look of your bathroom. Ditch the stripy towels when you are sick of that look and pick up some fresh new pastel ones… bathroom!!

Mirrors in your bathroom

Mirrors are an essential part of any else would we know we are getting old!

Coming in various styles and looks, there is one to suit every bathroom. Some of the most popular are polished edge, framed or bevelled edge.

Mirrored shaving cabinets are my own personal fav - they are THE BEST for hiding all the bits and bobs that you need in a bathroom.

Mirror cabinets can also be recessed into the wall making them look like a ‘normal’ mirror but with the huge added benefit of the hidden storage behind....winning!

Round mirrors are really on trend at the moment and oval are making a comeback too. Ive even seen a fabulous looking hexagon mirror recently....time to be brave!

Making a feature of the mirror is a wonderful design tip.......think a Bali style carved timber framed mirror or a heavy silver metal one depending on the look you are going for.

Its a great product to make a feature of as its relatively cheap to change a mirror in 5 or so years if you get sick of it.

Off the rack or custom made – make your mirror count – it will add loads of light into your bathroom and change the whole feel of the room.

Trends: Whats happening now in family bathrooms

Creating an earthy bathroom sanctuary with colours and textures inspired by nature is at the forefront of interior trends.

Home builders, renovators and designers are looking for products that bring a sense of nature into the home, creating a tranquil, relaxing ambience.

Timber top or fronted vanities, timber stools for decoration, marble features and bamboo accessories are all very on-trend right now.

Keeping the tones soft (think a sandstone colour palate) will make the room relaxing and luxurious – just like a spa.

Now its time to light a candle and RELAX.....

Tiles: Size and orientation

Larger tiles create a greater sense of space than small tiles.
This is an important consideration in a small room like a bathroom.
Wall tiles that extend to the ceiling can make a small bathroom feel larger by drawing the eye upwards.
Laying tiles horizontally make the room look wider and laying them vertically makes the room look taller – big decisions to make that will make all the difference in creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Inspiration and your design

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from visiting other bathrooms – take notice of what works and what doesn’t work when you’re out at friends’ houses, restaurants or even the hairdresser! Ask them what they would do differently and why. What they love and what they couldn’t live without.
There is also no need to re-invent the wheel when designing your bathroom. If you like your friend’s tiles and they love them too – you can get them also! They don’t have the copyright to them AND trust me, your matching bathrooms with NEVER meet!!!
Pinterest is another great source of inspiration. Pin everything that you like to your bathroom board and when you go back into it you will see a theme – ‘Ohhhhhhh everything I’ve chosen has a timber vanity – that must be my ‘thing’’.
And remember, while its nice to get other peoples ideas and opinions, its your bathroom, you are paying the money and you get to do it exactly as you like. You CAN use that vanity mixer that you love even if Melissa down the road thinks it’s hideous!

Tips for an easy-clean bathroom

Try a wall hung toilet pan or a back to wall suite to avoid having to clean all the little gaps.

In-wall toilet systems are great also – as the system is ‘hidden’ behind the tiles and its 1 less surface to dust and collect germs.

Using large tiles will minimise the amount of grout you have to clean….that’s a huge bonus when keeping your bathroom clean.

Wall hung vanities are great for cleaning ease – nice easy access under the vanity to vacuum and mop. Make sure to avoid vanities with legs at all costs – these are a nightmare to clean under and around. Kickboards are ok though as you just clean around them.

You need to have enough hooks or rails for all of the towels and mats that will be used in your bathroom. Then there is no excuse to leave towels on the floor – making them and the floor look messy and dirty.

Niches – oh how we love niches…….the majority of clients renovating their bathroom today get a niche in their shower. This is a recessed part in the wall with shelves perfect for storing shampoo etc on. These are great to keep the bottles off the shower floor and look fab too. Niches over baths are great also - and are a nice way to store products as well as create features and points of interest in your bathroom.

If you use soap I recommend still getting a soap dish in the shower (even if you have a niche). It keeps the soap scum off everything else in your niche and makes it much easier to clean.

I also LOVE hand held shower heads and cannot recommend them enough – these make cleaning your shower a breeze…..give it a scrub, use the and held shower to rise it off, squeegee and done!