Tiles and keeping them clean.

When deciding on which tiles to use in your bathroom, first consider their size as the smaller the tile, the more grout and the more time consuming the cleaning process will be.
If you are using a tile other than white, consider a darker grout that will not show up marks as much as white grout. There are usually about 3 grout colours that look great with your tile – choose the darkest one.

I have found that cleaning with simple household mixtures made from acidic and slightly abrasive products such as salt, baking soda or vinegar work best and are preferable for the environment. (Oh and gumption – it NEVER lets me down!)

New Floor Tiles Tips and Tricks

Some floor tiles can actually hide the dirt – it's true!

It's a fact that some tiles show every spec of dirt, dust or smear and never look clean no matter how often you clean them eg. Shiny tiles, black tiles, white tiles or plain coloured tiles.

Look for tiles that are matt in finish (I personally LOVE Lopardo: a little shiny, a little matt – perfect), and are also not too dark or too light and a with a bit of a grain or speckle in them. This grain/speckle will hide the light and dark specs that float to the ground, as well as the wet footprints that dry and smudge your clean tiles.

We recommend taking the tile you are looking at home and viewing it in your own bathroom. The light in there will be different to the light in the shop and they might throw a different colour, or be a lot lighter or darker than you remembered them being. I’d also recommend wetting your foot and standing on the tile and seeing how that footprint dries……its these footprints that can make you love or hate your brand new bathroom.

Happy tile shopping!

Lets talk about bathroom storage

The first step in keeping any area of your home permanently clean is to cut down on the clutter.

This is especially true in the bathroom because of its small size and the amount of grime that can happen there.

Having surfaces covered in bottles, makeup, hair tools, and the like will not only make it seem dirty, but it will actually make it harder for you to keep clean.

Aim to have near-empty surfaces in your bathroom. Have a home for everything behind closed doors in a vanity or cupboard.

That’s where mirror cabinets come into play. In 95% of the bathrooms we renovate, we recess a mirror cabinet. This means that’s its only slightly hanging out of the wall and looks built in. It is amazing for storage, thus cleanliness!

Most people will get their mirror cabinet the same length as their vanity, but there has been a recent surge of round mirror cabinets so I'm sure there is more to come.

It's also popular to get custom mirror cabinets made for your bathroom. While these are a lot more expensive it means they can go from wall to wall or from the top of the mixer right up to the ceiling and you can fit a lot more in.

How to use colour in your bathroom

Walls, floors and cabinetry in light colours (pastel tones, neutrals or whites) will make a room feel larger.

Only ever use three (complimentary) colours in any room. If the room is small use two. Its really popular now to use 1 tile for the whole bathroom – walls and floors.

Most people choose neutral colours and keep it simple, they add interest with beautiful towels… which you can change as the colour trends change = EASY!

Also think about how your colours will work with those in adjacent rooms because, at door thresholds, both rooms will be seen at once.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

  • Avoid lights that point into the mirror as it will cause glare.
  • Indirect or diffused lighting is more effective in the bathroom.
  • Freestanding lamps, hanging lights, standard switches and sockets should be avoided for safety reasons.
  • Choose thin tubes of fluorescent lights and tuck them under your vanity or mirror cabinet.
  • Sensors are a great idea – hook them up to a small light that turns on when you walk into the bathroom at night so you won’t hurt yourself.
  • To feel like a movie star line your vanity mirror with light.