Niches are neat!

Neat, modern, fuss free storage.

There’s no doubt that shower niches are very practical and offer lots of advantages. The most obvious of all is that you get storage that is neat and matches your bathroom. No more using the floor for all the shampoo bottles, soap and everything else or balancing all these items on the corners of the bath. Niches take care of all these problems and they’re also very versatile and adaptable.

To make the niche stand out a bit, you can use contrasting feature tiles, accent lighting, timber or glass shelves.

You can also make the niche as big as you wish and even have it wrap around the room, connecting adjacent walls and adding color with its contrasting tiles.

A niche can be any shape as long as it’s practical and not overcomplicated. It can also be divided into compartments in numerous different ways. So think carefully. What will you be storing there? What dimensions do these items have? How many are there?

Actually, the usefulness of niches extends beyond the actual shower. So you can also choose to include niches elsewhere in the bathroom, such as above the bath and even in front of the sink.

You can choose to make a feature of your niche to displ;ay beautiful plants or vases or you can choose to hide it away –  I like to put niches on walls that are not directly in front of you as you walk in the bathroom…..side walls that will ‘hide’ the colourful product bottles stored in them.

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