What are the differences between baths?

Once you have decided that you would like a bath in your bathroom - the next decision is what kind of bath you will choose....

A drop in bath?
A freestanding bath?
Or a back to wall bath?
What are the differences?...............

A drop in bath is designed to be 'dropped into' a cavity built for the bath. These cavities are usually tiled around and give the bath a built in look - like its built into the bathroom. A drop-in bath is what you will need if you are having a shower over your bath as the bath goes from the wall and has the capacity to fit a shower screen to it. Drop in baths are also popular in bathrooms that do not have much space - as they can be pushed into a corner freeing up valuable space for other fixtures.

Freestanding baths do not touch any walls for support and are 'freestanding' in your bathroom - hence their name. They have seen a huge growth in popularity in the last few years and provide a luxurious and beautiful centre piece for your bathroom. Freestanding baths can be placed anywhere in your bathroom as they do not need a wall to rest against.

Back to wall baths are similar to freestanding baths - in that they are not tiled around BUT they have a flat edge (usually back, sometimes back and side), so they can be pushed back onto a wall. These have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as the main complaint about a freestanding bath was the difficulty of cleaning behind it - this back to wall version negates that issue.

These back-to-wall freestanding baths are my personal favourite - functional and fabulous looking is always a win!

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How long will my bathroom reno take?

Why does it take so long for us to do your bathroom when they can do it in a week on the TV?

Its a really good question and 1 we get asked all of the time. I don't know about you but I would not want to live in a home that had its bathroom done in a week!
Your custom bathroom renovation will take 3 weeks. We then allow another 3-4 days AFTER that to have your custom shower screen to be installed.

Below is a rough breakdown of how the process will go……

DAY 1:

  • Sign contract
  • Run through plan and confirm layout. (Including lights, power points, heated towel rails, niches, recessed vanities and mirror cabinets, feature tiles, direction to lay tiles.
  • All tiles & fixtures and fittings need to be onsite today.
  • Strip bathroom and clean out

DAY 2:

  • Plumber and electrician come in rough in for new appliances and fixtures
  • Check all PC items specs and set out fittings to work tiles and spacing’s to suit bathroom

DAY 3:

  • Cut in all niches and framework required (bath frame, new nib walls, recesses etc)

DAY 4:

  • Line walls and Waterproof 1st coat

DAY 5:

  • Waterproof 2nd coat

DAY 6:

  • Tiler to start. Depending on the size of that bathroom he will establish number of days to tile bathroom


  • Plumber to fit fittings
  • Measure up for custom shower screen
  • Put up cornice

DAY 2:

  • Electrician to do electrical fit-out
  • Rough clean
  • Silicone up bathroom

DAY 3:

  • Professionally clean
  • Inform clients when shower screen will be installed
  • Do a walk through with client make sure that they are happy with everything job can be signed off

So that's where all of the days in a bathroom reno disappear to.
But don't worry - the wait will be worth it and you will have a beautiful and functioning bathroom for many years to come!

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Small room = big bucks!

Bathrooms are expensive small spaces - there is no such thing as 'cheap but good' as I get asked for all of the time......in this arena, you really do get what you pay for.

Here's what to expect a new bathroom to cost.....

Based on average bathroom size = 2.7m x 2.4m
Complete renovation approx $16,000 - $19,000 plus fixtures and fittings, plus tiles.


  • Strip existing bathroom walls, fittings, fixtures and cornice/ceiling and take away
  • Strip tiles from bathroom floor
  • Adjust plumbing to suit new layout and selected fixtures and fittings
  • Adjust electricals for new layout
  • Line walls and waterproof
  • Lay floor and wall tiles and grout (incl. all glues, grouts and sand/cement)
  • Put new architraves on window and door
  • Install fixtures and fittings
  • Removal of all rubbish
  • Clean for handover


From www.evokeproducts.com.au to give you an idea of costs. You are not obliged to buy our products if we do your reno :)
Based on middle priced range stock and incl:

  • 900 wall hung vanity – Waratah 900= $383
  • Pop up waste for vanity = $19
  • Vanity mixer – ‘Egg’ = $130
  • 900 pencil edge mirror cabinet = $270
  • Wall mixer for shower – ‘Egg’ = $115
  • Shower rail. Double head. RH508+H06 = $402
  • Toilet – Oceania = $380
  • Bermuda waste = $80  x 2 = $160
  • Bath. Oshin larissa 1665= $312
  • Plug and waste for bath = $28
  • Wall mixer for bath. Egg = $115
  • Bath spout. RT 217 = $118
  • Accessories: From ‘Modern Round’ range:
  • 750 double towel rail = $73
  • Soap dish = $38
  • Towel ring = $48
  • Paper holder = $32

TOTAL = $2623 - 10% = $2360.70
Tiles (based on wall approx 24m2 @$30m2 / floors approx 5.5m2@ $30m2) = $885
TOTAL: $17,000 (renovation) + $2360.70 (fixtures) + $885 (tiles) = $ 20,245.00

So there it is - the bottom line $20,000 plus.

95% of the bathroom we quote will end up costing around $20,000. Some less, some more but this gives you a figure to work from to decide if this renovation is obtainable and worth it for you, your family and your budget.

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What vanity is best for me?

There are plenty of options in regards to your vanity - its one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your new bathroom space.

The first decision you have to make here is wall hung, kickboard or legs?
I love wall hung - its easy to clean under and makes the room look bigger as you see more floor. It does however give you a little less storage than would with a vanity that goes down to the floor. Now I suggest staying away from legs - those little legs are hard to clean around and under and will drive you crazy daily. A kickboard is a good look also and easy to clean around with extra storage.

Above counter bowl or inset bowl?
Both are very functional and look the part. An added bonus with an above counter bowl is that there is less splashing of water on the vanity top surface - more water tends to stay inside the vanity bowl - a very practical decision!

White, timber or choose a colour?
There is a variety in vanity colours never seen before on the market right now.
Classic white never goes out of style. Timber vanities ground the whole space and have the added benefit of bringing the outdoors in and coloured vanities in eye popping colours and turning up everywhere.....navy blue and emerald green are some of the nicest I've seen!

I encourage you to be brave and bold and make a statement with your vanity. One of the best things about a vanity is that when you get sick of it, its relatively cheap and fast to change it over and completely change the look of your bathroom = WINNING!

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Mirror cabinets, medicine cabinets, shaving cabinets....whatever you call them, they are winners!


I'm biased here - and I'm not even going to try to hide it - in EVERY bathroom I design I put a recessed mirror cabinet. To me they are the sun, moon and stars of a practical bathroom design.

Mostly its about the storage - you get a huge amount of extra/secret/hidden storage, and in a small bathroom, every inch is valuable.

Mirror cabinets are perfect for your all of your bathroom products, shampoos and toothpaste, toilet paper, makeup, hairdryers and even spare towels.

There are many companies now making beautiful feature mirror cabinets - timber finishes and inbuilt shelves - making these function bathroom fixtures beautiful and modern again.

At Evoke we like to recess these mirror cabinets where we can - this means insetting it into the wall so that its looks just like a nice 'normal' mirror BUT you get the added benefit of the storage.

Even better is in the bathrooms where we can do a custom made wall-to-wall mirror cabinet. This means we can make the mirror cabinet deeper (more storage fitting bigger towels!), and the light that the wall to wall mirror creates is just show stopping.

Obviously these custom mirror cabinets are more expensive than standard sized one but once again, in my humble opinion - totally worth the extra cost for the function AND the feature that they create.

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A basin with a difference.

Another look in bathroom basins shows a large bowl mounted on the top of a bathroom counter or a repurposed hall table, drawer set feature piece of furniture.

Obviously you have to sweet talk your plumber into installing all of the plumbing, cutting holes in the furniture and just generally ‘making it work’ but any good plumber will happily fulfil your wishes to bring your vison to fruition. Make sure you have lots of inspiration photos so there is no question what your vision is. This will keep you happy and your plumber!

Above counter bowls are wonderful for cleaning by keeping the drips and splashes inside their high sides. Make sure you choose a nice deep one.

You can also install a drop-in basin into a marble or solid-surface countertop for a classic and timeless look.

Niches are neat!

Neat, modern, fuss free storage.

There’s no doubt that shower niches are very practical and offer lots of advantages. The most obvious of all is that you get storage that is neat and matches your bathroom. No more using the floor for all the shampoo bottles, soap and everything else or balancing all these items on the corners of the bath. Niches take care of all these problems and they’re also very versatile and adaptable.

To make the niche stand out a bit, you can use contrasting feature tiles, accent lighting, timber or glass shelves.

You can also make the niche as big as you wish and even have it wrap around the room, connecting adjacent walls and adding color with its contrasting tiles.

A niche can be any shape as long as it’s practical and not overcomplicated. It can also be divided into compartments in numerous different ways. So think carefully. What will you be storing there? What dimensions do these items have? How many are there?

Actually, the usefulness of niches extends beyond the actual shower. So you can also choose to include niches elsewhere in the bathroom, such as above the bath and even in front of the sink.

You can choose to make a feature of your niche to displ;ay beautiful plants or vases or you can choose to hide it away -  I like to put niches on walls that are not directly in front of you as you walk in the bathroom.....side walls that will 'hide' the colourful product bottles stored in them.

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Feature floor tiles....are they for you?

What better way to hide wet foot prints than with a patterned feature floor!

Choosing a statement floor is a perfect way to add personality and spunk to your bathroom; a great way to make it memorable to your family and friends.

Statement bathroom floors create a focal point in your bathroom and complement plain white or neutral wall tiles and your white bathroom fixtures (toilet, bath etc).

There is a lot of choice when it comes to deciding on your statement floor. A statement tile works wonderfully with patterned tiles and geometric shapes in colour or monochrome.

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Colour in your bathroom

Many of the designers and bathroom experts are talking about one of the hottest trends right now …….unexpected colour.

Adding colour to your bathroom is easy.

Even if you don't want to do colourful tiles or paint, just changing your accessories can take your space from drab to fab.

From hand towels and floor mats to pots, vases and tissue boxes, the bathroom is one of the easiest places to incorporate colour in your home.

One of my best design tips is white – white tiles and fixtures and then colour accessories. Once mustard is out you jump on the next trend and instantly update your look.

In saying all of this – colours tiles are amazing right now. There has never been so much variety about. Pastels, rusts, patterns and ombres. For those brave enough, coloured tiles will not disappoint, will set you apart from the pack and will a talking point (read boasting point!) for years to come.

What trades do I need for my bathroom reno?

A bathroom is a small room that requires LOTS of different trades to make it functioning as well as beautiful.

  • Demolition - you need a fit and strong team to remove the old fixtures and tiles to make way for the new.
  • You will need a carpenter for the new framework, niches, recesses and doorways, as well as carpentry work if you are moving walls or changing windows etc.
  • The plumber comes in once you room is stripped and is required to move or add plumbing to suit your new bathroom layout. Plumbers also install your new toilet, vanity and shower head etc after the tiling is complete.
  • An electrician will be needed to install new lighting, underfloor heating, exhaust fans, heated towel rails, power points and light switches. They also need to come in after demo to cap off the electricity and then again after tiling to install the new fittings.
  • Water proofer - this is an essential step to make your bathroom watertight and avoid issues for years to come - this has to be done by a qualified and experienced tradie.
  • A tiler will be needed for your wall and floor tiling. This is a huge job and involves working out the best set out for your bathroom, as well as the best set-out for the tiles that you have chosen.
  • A shower screen installer to measure up, make and install a custom shower screen for the best fit and finish in your new bathroom.
  • A cabinet maker for custom bathroom cabinetry or shelving if you choose to go that way.
  • You may need a painter for re-painting walls, doors, and ceilings....or choose to do this yourself to save some $$$!
  • A cleaner - to make your beautiful new room shiny after the building work is complete.

Evoke Kitchens and Bathrooms have all of these trades on our team - all are licenced and qualified and super proud of the beautiful work they produce for our clients.

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