Towel rails

In place of a simple towel rail, consider a heated towel rail that will have your towels nice and warm and dry each time you go to use them.

We always put heated towel rails on a timers or else you will never use them…..(because life gets in the way and you forget to turn it on ½ hour before you are planning to have a shower right!)

Towel ladders can be used to fill up a large empty wall and allow many towels to be hung at once.

Vertical towel rails (heated or not) are also very on trend right now. The towel don’t have to be folded perfectly to look neat on these – perfect for those with smaller kids.

Robe hooks are also a cheaper way to hang towels and give your bathroom a relaxed look.

Don’t forget a hand towel rail. You will want this as close to the basin as you can get it so that water doesn’t drip all over the floor from wet hands on the way to the hand towel rail