Inspiration and your design

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from visiting other bathrooms – take notice of what works and what doesn’t work when you’re out at friends’ houses, restaurants or even the hairdresser! Ask them what they would do differently and why. What they love and what they couldn’t live without.
There is also no need to re-invent the wheel when designing your bathroom. If you like your friend’s tiles and they love them too – you can get them also! They don’t have the copyright to them AND trust me, your matching bathrooms with NEVER meet!!!
Pinterest is another great source of inspiration. Pin everything that you like to your bathroom board and when you go back into it you will see a theme – ‘Ohhhhhhh everything I’ve chosen has a timber vanity – that must be my ‘thing’’.
And remember, while its nice to get other peoples ideas and opinions, its your bathroom, you are paying the money and you get to do it exactly as you like. You CAN use that vanity mixer that you love even if Melissa down the road thinks it’s hideous!