Tips for an easy-clean bathroom

Try a wall hung toilet pan or a back to wall suite to avoid having to clean all the little gaps.

In-wall toilet systems are great also – as the system is ‘hidden’ behind the tiles and its 1 less surface to dust and collect germs.

Using large tiles will minimise the amount of grout you have to clean….that’s a huge bonus when keeping your bathroom clean.

Wall hung vanities are great for cleaning ease – nice easy access under the vanity to vacuum and mop. Make sure to avoid vanities with legs at all costs – these are a nightmare to clean under and around. Kickboards are ok though as you just clean around them.

You need to have enough hooks or rails for all of the towels and mats that will be used in your bathroom. Then there is no excuse to leave towels on the floor – making them and the floor look messy and dirty.

Niches – oh how we love niches…….the majority of clients renovating their bathroom today get a niche in their shower. This is a recessed part in the wall with shelves perfect for storing shampoo etc on. These are great to keep the bottles off the shower floor and look fab too. Niches over baths are great also – and are a nice way to store products as well as create features and points of interest in your bathroom.

If you use soap I recommend still getting a soap dish in the shower (even if you have a niche). It keeps the soap scum off everything else in your niche and makes it much easier to clean.

I also LOVE hand held shower heads and cannot recommend them enough – these make cleaning your shower a breeze…..give it a scrub, use the and held shower to rise it off, squeegee and done!