Mirror cabinets, medicine cabinets, shaving cabinets….whatever you call them, they are winners!


I’m biased here – and I’m not even going to try to hide it – in EVERY bathroom I design I put a recessed mirror cabinet. To me they are the sun, moon and stars of a practical bathroom design.

Mostly its about the storage – you get a huge amount of extra/secret/hidden storage, and in a small bathroom, every inch is valuable.

Mirror cabinets are perfect for your all of your bathroom products, shampoos and toothpaste, toilet paper, makeup, hairdryers and even spare towels.

There are many companies now making beautiful feature mirror cabinets – timber finishes and inbuilt shelves – making these function bathroom fixtures beautiful and modern again.

At Evoke we like to recess these mirror cabinets where we can – this means insetting it into the wall so that its looks just like a nice ‘normal’ mirror BUT you get the added benefit of the storage.

Even better is in the bathrooms where we can do a custom made wall-to-wall mirror cabinet. This means we can make the mirror cabinet deeper (more storage fitting bigger towels!), and the light that the wall to wall mirror creates is just show stopping.

Obviously these custom mirror cabinets are more expensive than standard sized one but once again, in my humble opinion – totally worth the extra cost for the function AND the feature that they create.

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