What vanity is best for me?

There are plenty of options in regards to your vanity – its one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your new bathroom space.

The first decision you have to make here is wall hung, kickboard or legs?
I love wall hung – its easy to clean under and makes the room look bigger as you see more floor. It does however give you a little less storage than would with a vanity that goes down to the floor. Now I suggest staying away from legs – those little legs are hard to clean around and under and will drive you crazy daily. A kickboard is a good look also and easy to clean around with extra storage.

Above counter bowl or inset bowl?
Both are very functional and look the part. An added bonus with an above counter bowl is that there is less splashing of water on the vanity top surface – more water tends to stay inside the vanity bowl – a very practical decision!

White, timber or choose a colour?
There is a variety in vanity colours never seen before on the market right now.
Classic white never goes out of style. Timber vanities ground the whole space and have the added benefit of bringing the outdoors in and coloured vanities in eye popping colours and turning up everywhere…..navy blue and emerald green are some of the nicest I’ve seen!

I encourage you to be brave and bold and make a statement with your vanity. One of the best things about a vanity is that when you get sick of it, its relatively cheap and fast to change it over and completely change the look of your bathroom = WINNING!

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