What tile is for me?

Penny round, fish scale, subway, large format, geometric, colours, patterns – the options are limitless.

There is such a huge variety of tiles types and styles around at the moment – more than even 12 months ago I dare say. Choosing tiles is overwhelming – even for me who does it weekly, so I see why renovation rookies can walk out of tile shops in tears and spend sleepless nights stressing over their choices.

Smaller sized feature tiles like penny rounds, subways, geometric shapes and patterned tiles are very popular right now.
On the flip side large format Cement look and Terrazzo tiles are incredibly in demand looks also.
Whatever your style, whatever the look you are trying to achieve, there is a tile for you.

1 thing to keep in mind though is, the smaller the tile the more grout. Grout is what makes cleaning your bathroom hard work. Bigger tiles = less grout. This is particularly relevant in the shower area. Try to stay away from small tiles in your shower recess for an easy to clean bathroom.

After choosing your tiles you then have to decide which way to lay them; vertical, horizontal, brick pattern, herringbone, mix colours, have the same walls as floor or a feature wall. The options are limitless. I suggest looking at lots of pics and seeing what ones you are constantly drawn to….they are the tiles you NEED to choose!

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