My bathroom is too small…..

You can’t always create more space – even when you HAVE TO HAVE that freestanding bath (and the double vanity and the walk in shower…..!).

Luckily there are always ways to save space but often you have to compromise on something.

Buying a small bathtub is a great solution if you need a bath. Many bathrooms we are doing are eliminating baths – even if it means not having a bath in house. (SIDE NOTE: We didn’t have a bath in a home with 3 small boys and never gave it a second thought….the kids bathed in the sink as babies and showered with us as they got bigger, and on their own as the got even bigger. THEN the house sold at the first open home so it clearly didn’t put off any buyers.)

Large floor tiles, as well as light tile and paint on the walls give the feeling of space, whereas dark tones will make it feel more crowded.
A shower over the bath is a good way to compromise if space is an issue and you need to fit both in.

In wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall – thus buying yourself back floor space the dept of the toilet cistern space back into the bathroom floorplan.

Recessed mirror cabinets are great for space saving solutions – once again, using the wall cavity into the design of your bathroom.

A simple basin can then be used instead of a big vanity with its storage, as you have the storage in the mirror cabinet….thus saving more floor space!