What trades do I need for my bathroom reno?

A bathroom is a small room that requires LOTS of different trades to make it functioning as well as beautiful.

  • Demolition – you need a fit and strong team to remove the old fixtures and tiles to make way for the new.
  • You will need a carpenter for the new framework, niches, recesses and doorways, as well as carpentry work if you are moving walls or changing windows etc.
  • The plumber comes in once you room is stripped and is required to move or add plumbing to suit your new bathroom layout. Plumbers also install your new toilet, vanity and shower head etc after the tiling is complete.
  • An electrician will be needed to install new lighting, underfloor heating, exhaust fans, heated towel rails, power points and light switches. They also need to come in after demo to cap off the electricity and then again after tiling to install the new fittings.
  • Water proofer – this is an essential step to make your bathroom watertight and avoid issues for years to come – this has to be done by a qualified and experienced tradie.
  • A tiler will be needed for your wall and floor tiling. This is a huge job and involves working out the best set out for your bathroom, as well as the best set-out for the tiles that you have chosen.
  • A shower screen installer to measure up, make and install a custom shower screen for the best fit and finish in your new bathroom.
  • A cabinet maker for custom bathroom cabinetry or shelving if you choose to go that way.
  • You may need a painter for re-painting walls, doors, and ceilings….or choose to do this yourself to save some $$$!
  • A cleaner – to make your beautiful new room shiny after the building work is complete.

Evoke Kitchens and Bathrooms have all of these trades on our team – all are licenced and qualified and super proud of the beautiful work they produce for our clients.

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